medium canyon white birch bookshelf sideboard
bookshelf sideboard medium canyon


Grand Canyon inspired Design

This stunning range has the power to be centerpiece. The designers were clearly inspired by the Grand Canyon and the interplay of solid and void. Allowing you to display decorative items central to your room, with ample functional storage space behind the doors, the canyon will give your dinner party plenty to talk about.

product details

Ultra-modern design crafted from high- quality materials from Europe. The balanced material combinations refines the design further. If you prefer a homogeneous look, single-material options are available too.

bookshelf sideboard medium canyon



delivery & assembly

Our plywood and moisture-resistant colored panels are safe, strong and durable. Each piece is machine-cut with a robot for precise measurements. Plywood edges are polished and our colored boards are given an edge in a matching color. Both materials are sustainably sourced and produced in Europe and are very good for day-to-day use. Simply wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth and you’re good to go!

Each piece of CUSTO furniture is strong and durable. We have built limitations into our tool such as the length of shelves or sizes of doors and drawers, amount of joints to ensure your designs are safe to use. Our colored panels are strong and good for typical use. If you like natural wood or are looking for something extra strong, choose our Birch Plywood with clear finish (please note that you will see lines on the wood which hark back to its days of being a tree). Strong joints help to create a sturdy and stable shelf, no matter its size or configuration.

CUSTO's automated production means your furniture is cut to high precision and can be delivered to your doorstep within 2 to 4 weeks of placing your order. You won’t even have to worry about struggling with tools and complicated instructions -- the CUSTO team will assemble your furniture right in your home or office; depending on the size of the item, they can also come pre-assembled.




If you would like to hide your clutter, add doors to your custom piece. We provide soft-closing German made hinges that prevent the doors from slamming shut. Doors have a minimum finger handle to maintain an elegant look.

Want more storage options? Add drawer components to your custom design. Our drawers are built from the same material as the main unit and are cut to fit perfectly into whatever sized compartment you have. Your drawers are loose and can be taken out for easy organization of your items.

Our adjustable feet help you keep your CUSTO shelf stable on uneven floors. The feet can be left out if you want the furniture directly on the floor.