The custo way

We've made it easy for anyone to create unique
furniture to suit any space, purpose or passion.

1.Select your starting

Choose from one of our four easy-to-use templates
or start your creation from scratch. It's completely
up to you.

2.Set your dimensions.

Measure your space and set the external dimensions of your
unique design for a perfect fit every time.

3.Structure your shelves.

Adapt your columns and shelves to fit any purpose or passion. At last,
every item can have a home all of its own.

4.Design your details.

Choose from a variety of finishes, then add doors and details to create
a piece of furniture that's as unique as you are.


Once you place your order, we bring your vision to life through a potent
combination of robotic technology and human craftsmanship.

Robots precision cut
your panels.

Our innovative, yet simple tool makes it easy
for anyone to design and create their own furniture.

Craftspeople assemble
your creation.

Our team of passionate designers and carpenters assemble
your piece and ensure that every facet of your design is exactly as it should be.